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Addiction occurs in many different forms

In the not too distant past addiction was considered a physiological condition, where simply ridding the body of a substance such as alcohol or drugs was an effective method for long-term treatment and recovery.

Today, research shows that addiction also has an impact on the individual in other different ways, including how the brain functions and responds to situations. This is shown in the recent understanding that many patterns of behaviour can become addictive in the same way alcohol or smoking can; it is not only chemicals introduced in the body that create unhelpful behaviours.

At The London Practice individuals in the London, Mayfair, and Chelsea areas will find effective treatment for all kinds of addictions. With extensive, specialist training and clinical hours gained in addiction treatment, the psychotherapists and counsellors at The London Practice help clients to effectively address the underlying issues of addiction and develop healthy, positive behaviours for a sustained recovery.

Types of Addictions

As mentioned, mental health professionals now recognise a wide range of addictions, with both physical and psychological dimension. Alcohol and drug-related addictions often require medical intervention during a detoxification period, allowing medical supervision while the body releases the toxins. Going through this withdrawal period is a challenging, but also critical to long-term sobriety and staying clean.

With other types of addiction there is no detoxification period. Gambling, sex, shopping, Internet use or food addictions are particularly challenging to treat, as these are areas of life that individuals may require engagement with on a daily basis. It is impossible to avoid eating or being online at work, or to avoid shopping completely.

This is where it is essential to work with a counsellor or psychotherapist trained in addiction recovery. At The London Practice addiction recovery is one of our strengths, and clients can expect to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion throughout their treatment.

Tracing the Cause

In many cases, for both substance and behavioural types of addictions there are underlying issues at play. The alcohol or the drugs, or even the rush of "feel good" brain chemicals while engaging in a specific behaviour are a way to self-medicate, to avoid deeper issues.

For many individuals these deeper issues include depression, anxiety or trauma. For some it may be a combination of factors, including exposure to negative parenting or family relationships from childhood.

Through psychotherapy our clients can develop a safe, non-judgmental and completely confidential support system. The therapist or counsellor offers a personalised treatment plan, using a variety of techniques to help them explore how negative events in the past have shaped their thoughts and created destructive and harmful behaviours today.

By understanding this dynamic, which may be hidden and unclear to the individual, real, sustained and meaningful changes can be made; the therapist works closely with the client to explore and make positive changes - and to plan for an addiction-free future.

It is important to reach out for professional help in addiction recovery. To talk to someone who cares and who understands the treatment options possible, contact The London Practice.

Contact us to find out more about how we might be able to help. Call us on 07809 668193, or use our secure email contact form.

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