The London Practice Counselling & Psychotherapy for Harley Street, Chelsea & central London

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Highly-regarded counsellors, with extensive expertise and experience

Serving individuals in Mayfair and Chelsea, as well as across the City and beyond, The London Practice works with clients of all ages.

Talking therapies offers various options in treatment, ranging from long-term - as is typically the case in psychoanalysis work - to more short-term, specific types of problem-solving interventions. A highly effective, shorter duration type of service is found in the counselling offered at The London Practice in Harley Street.

What Is Counselling?

Often our clients are facing personal challenges that may seem difficult or impossible for them to work through on their own. It is not always appropriate or helpful to turn to family or friends, so turning to a professional counsellor is an ideal option.

Counselling is a specific process that uses a variety of treatment approaches. It is less focused on the past and deeply rooted issues, and more likely to be recommended to those wanting help in moving forward from current challenges. In some cases the counsellor may recommend a more in-depth type of psychotherapy, such as psychoanalysis, if the current issues are strongly connected to past issues. By exploring and understanding the root cause of the problem, counselling can then be used to create effective coping strategies, thoughts, and behaviours that can be used in the present as well as in the future.

In counselling sessions at The London Practice each client meets individually with his or her counsellor. The sessions are confidential and private, and each client is treated with dignity, professionalism, and respect. The counsellor and the client will discuss any issues that have arisen and require attention or work through exercises, using a variety of tailored treatment options.

This is a very comfortable and safe experience. There is no judgment on the part of the counsellor; rather these professionals work to help the client achieve their unique goals and desired behaviour changes.

When is Counselling Used?

Counselling can be used for a wide variety of issues. It can be highly effective when people are struggling with bereavement issues and difficulty in letting go of lost ones. It can also be helpful when people are facing decisions and choices in relationships, careers, or even with regards to partnership and marriage challenges. In some cases counselling can involve just one person, or it may include a couple or even the entire family, but this is all based on the individual and his or her goals for the process.

Counselling is also commonly used in the treatment of many different types of addictions. This can include food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex and other types of addictive behaviours such as shopping. Often people want to make changes but feel stuck; counselling provides a safe, supportive but also challenging place, to make measurable personal growth.

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