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Every person on the planet has had unique and deeply personal experiences

Throughout life these experiences, and the subsequent thoughts and reactions around them, form our understanding of the world around us.

This is true for both positive and negative experiences. Over time, the details of these experiences may fade from the conscious mind, but they are still known to the subconscious or unconscious one. These hidden thoughts and beliefs form a lens, through which we see the world and decide how we interpret our interactions.

Sometimes - without understanding why - people develop specific challenging behaviours. They may appear to be random or unrelated to our recalled experiences, but they are related to those thoughts and beliefs that are deeply held and difficult to access.

Through psychotherapy the individual and the therapist can explore these hidden thoughts and beliefs, and determine how they are impacting on any current behaviour. Once this is brought to the surface or the conscious mind, more effective thought patterns and coping strategies can be developed, eventually eliminating those undesirable behaviours. This is true for any type of problematic behaviour, and Psychotherapy can be an effective treatment for addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders.

At The London Practice psychotherapy includes a holistic and integrated approach to treatment, which means treating the whole person and creating a unique treatment plan, customised for each client. The goal of psychotherapy is to gain a deeper understanding of why we behave the way we do. By understanding the why, we can develop comprehensive and long-lasting changes in how we see and interact with the world around us.

Types of Psychotherapy

Whilst it is not uncommon to hear people talking about psychotherapy as a specific kind of talking therapy, it is actually a larger term used to describe one of several therapeutic approaches to treatment. All psychotherapy is based on the use of talk therapy though, with the therapist and client engaging in discussion with each other, to help gain insight and understanding.

The therapists at The London Practice use tools and techniques uniquely selected for our clients. This provides us with the freedom to fully customise our treatment plans and work within an approach that is comfortable, effective and insightful.

For clients in London, Chelsea and Mayfair, the therapists at our Harley Street practice focus on creating a rapport and developing the comfortable and safe emotional environment necessary to explore issues that have occurred in the past, many which may be painful or difficult to talk about.

Through this professional relationship of trust and security issues can be examined in a supportive and empathetic setting. Many clients find that family dysfunction or childhood abuse are suppressed or hidden, while others may find more recent traumatic events, grief or sudden changes in life circumstances are contributing to harmful or undesirable behaviours.

At The London Practice clients can achieve changes in their thoughts and behaviours. This includes developing new strategies for life, in managing recovery from addictions and in addressing unresolved issues from the past that negative impact the present and future.

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